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Translations (UK - US)

  • saloon = sedan (car)
  • estate = station wagon (car)
  • motorway = main highway (interstate)
  • dual carriageway = divided highway
  • roundabout = traffic circle
  • petrol = gas
  • boot = trunk

Walking in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is one of the best areas in England for walking and hiking. The public footpaths are well signed and maintained and range from short, easy walks to longer, vigorous hikes.

Going on walks is our favorite Cotswold activity. Before we moved to the Cotswolds in 2010, we would vacation here in the summer. We rented a vacation rental (holiday cottage) for two weeks and did a walking vacation. We did short two to four hour walks each day, leaving time to explore some of the sights after the walk.

In the Towns & Villages section I have listed my favorite hikes in each part of the Cotswolds. All these hikes are in the Pathfinder or Goldeneye Cotswold Walks guidebooks (see Guidebooks & Maps). There are many resources for finding walking routes, but these guidebooks are my favorite and are dependable. The hikes are described in good detail, the maps are good, and they pick hikes that are particularly beautiful and have good points of interest along the way.

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Guidebooks & Maps: Recommended walking guides and maps, online resources.

Gear & Equipment: Overview of clothing and equipment to bring for walking in the Cotswolds.

National Trails: Several long distance footpaths, that take many days to complete, run through the Cotswolds.

Cotswold Way National Trail: 102 miles along the edge of the Cotswolds from Chipping Campden to Bath.

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