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Translations (UK - US)

  • saloon = sedan (car)
  • estate = station wagon (car)
  • motorway = main highway (interstate)
  • dual carriageway = divided highway
  • roundabout = traffic circle
  • petrol = gas
  • boot = trunk

Location - Getting Around the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a rural area with motorways on the outskirts (M roads), a few main highways (A roads - most are one lane in each direction), many secondary roads (B roads) and many narrow country lanes. This page lists the motorways on the outskirts of the Cotswolds and the main east-west and north-south roads. Get out your maps or look at Pauline's detailed Google Map of the Cotwolds to make sense of it all.

We use our Garmin NUVI GPS (with Europe maps) in the Cotswolds and it works very well, but it is still good to have an idea of the main roads when driving in this area.

Getting to the Cotswolds

If driving from London or the London airports, take the M4 or the M40 motorways.

Main East - West Roads in the Cotswolds

The main east-west roads from north to south.

Main North - South Roads in the Cotswolds

The main north-south roads listed from east to west.


The Cotswolds is small area packed with wonderful things. You can drive from Tetbury in the south to Chipping Campden in the north in 1 hour (41 miles) or from Burford in the east to Cheltenham in the west in 32 minutes (22 miles).

Some driving distances:


Frixo: Current traffic reports for UK motorways. Also available on your cell phone (mobile phone).

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