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Translations (UK - US)

  • saloon = sedan (car)
  • estate = station wagon (car)
  • motorway = main highway (interstate)
  • dual carriageway = divided highway
  • roundabout = traffic circle
  • petrol = gas
  • boot = trunk

Resources - Food and Drink

Resources to find restaurants, tea rooms and pubs in the Cotswolds. "Gastro pub" means a more upscale pub with good food. There are many of these in the Cotswolds. England is vegetarian-friendly. You can easily find good vegetarian food in most places.

Restaurant, Tea Room and Pub Guides

Beer in the Evening: BITE. UK guide for pubs, bars and drinking. Lists by county (search Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire for the Cotswolds), reviews, forums!

Food & Drink: UK guide for restaurants, tea rooms, pubs. Search by town name, reviews.


Happy Cow's Vegetarian Guide - England: Restaurant listings by town name.

Veggie Heaven - UK: Restaurant listings by town name.

Vegetarian Visitor: Guide to vegetarian and vegan restaurants throughout Britain by Annemarie Weitzel. A printed version is available.

See our recommended Vegetarian Guidebooks.


The main supermarket chains have branch or store locators on their websites.

Waitrose: Waitrose is an upscale supermarket with good quality food products, many of them organic. Great prepared foods section. Stores in Bath, Stroud, Cirencester, Cheltenham, Witney, and Abingdon (near Oxford). The Cheltenham store has a John Lewis Home Store attached (mini-version).

Sainsbury's: Sainsbury's is less upscale than Waitrose, but is a good supermarket and there are several in the Cotswolds.

Tesco: Tesco is less upscale than Waitrose, but is a good supermarket and there are several in the Cotswolds. Large Tesco supermarkets in Stow-on-the-Wold, Cirencester, Stroud (and more). Smaller "Tesco Express" shops in some villages.

Marks and Spencer: M&S is a large chain store with a clothing section and a food section. The food section has a good selection of sandwiches, salads and prepared meals. There is a small M&S in Cirencester with food only and a larger store in Cheltenham with food and clothes. There are M&S Motorway stops on the M4 from London where you can pickup prepared meals to take home.

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