Supermarkets in the Cotswolds

All Cotswold market towns have a small supermarket in the center of town and most have other small food speciality shops (bakery, butcher, fruits and vegetables, deli).

There are several large supermarkets throughout the Cotswolds. Many supermarkets offer organic produce and products as well as non-organic. Most offer "prepared foods", full meals that you take home and microwave or heat up in the oven. These are not frozen, but are refrigerated. The ones from Waitrose are the best (IMO). These are convenient for the traveler who does not want to go out for dinner, but doesn't want to cook a full meal.

Supermarkets in England are pretty much like ours in North America. Large parking lot, shopping carts outside the front door (you do not need a coin to unlock them as in other European countries), prices clearly marked, credit cards taken at the checkout.

Two things to note about English supermarkets:

Note that road signs may indicate "Superstore", but do not name the chain.

Supermarket Chains

Supermarkets in the Northern Cotswolds


Stow on the Wold


Supermarkets in the Southern Cotswolds


Both Waitrose and Tesco are accessed from roundabouts on the roads that circle Cirencester.