Weather in the Cotswolds - Comparisons

The weather in the Cotswolds compared to Santa Fe NM (where we live), Seattle WA (where we lived for a couple of years), Vancouver BC Canada (where we used to live) and Rome Italy (where we have never lived). I took these yearly averages charts from and compared average monthly precipitation and average monthly high and low temperatures.

Comparing Stroud in the Cotswolds to Vancouver Canada, Vancouver gets almost twice as much rain and the temperatures are similar.

Precipitation Temperature

Monthly average rain/snow in inches

Orange - average monthly high
Blue - average monthly low (Farenheit)

Santa Fe, New Mexico - annual rain 14.22"

Santa Fe gets mountain weather. It is at 7,000 feet, has hot summers with a summer monsoon (rain) season and snow in the winter.

Santa Fe, rain

Statistics from (Santa Fe)

Santa Fe, New Mexico - high temps from 43 - 86

Santa Fe, tempurature

Stroud, England (Cotswolds) - annual rain 25.90"

Stroud is probably one of the wetter areas in the Cotswolds, down in a river valley, but the stats are the same as for Cheltenham to the north.

Stroud, rain

Statistics from (Stroud)

Stroud, England (Cotswolds) - high temps from 43 - 69

Stroud, temperature

Rome, Italy - annual rain 33.00"

A surprising amount of rainfall in Rome. Similiar high temps to Santa Fe, but milder in the winter.

Rome, rain

Statistics from (Rome)

Rome, Italy - high temps from 53 - 88

Rome, temperature

Seattle, Washington - annual rain 38.25"

It rains more the further north you go in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle, rain

Statistics from (Seattle)

Seattle, Washington - high temps from 47 - 75

Seattle, temperature

Vancouver, Canada - annual rain 45.90"

Almost twice as much rain in Vancouver as in the Cotswolds.

Vancouver, rain

Statistics from (Vancouver)

Vancouver, Canada - high temps from 42 - 71

Vancouver, temperature

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