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Pauline Kenny and Steve Cohen

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Pauline and Steve live in a village in the south Cotswolds. They moved to England from the United States (Santa Fe, New Mexico) in 2010. Pauline is the founder of Slow Travel (slowtrav.com), an online travel community (now owned by Internet Brands Inc.). She ran the Slow Travel website and community from 2000 to 2007. Read more about Pauline and Steve: Slow Travels - About Us.

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Follow Pauline's Slow Travels blog to read about their move to England.

Vacation Rentals in the Cotswolds

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Email: pauline@cotswolder.com

Why We Created "Cotswolder"

Cotswolder launched in September 2008. There are many good websites about the Cotswolds. Does the web need another one? I think so. Cotswolder does not have the detail of a tourist office website, it does not list every restaurant and every hotel in the Cotswolds, instead it describes the Cotswolds from a personal point of view. It presents traveling in the Cotswolds and in England from a North American perspective.

Cotswolder is written by Pauline Kenny with parts edited by Valerie Schneider.

Our England Travel History

In 1988 - 1989 Steve and I spent a year traveling in Europe. We spent two months traveling around England, spending a week at a time in different areas - London, Sussex, Devon, Wales, Lake District, Scotland, Yorkshire Dales, Peaks District, Cotswolds. We then spent three months in the countryside east of London and explored London, East Anglia and Kent.

Since then we have returned to England many times:

  • Spring 2000 - One month in the Cotswolds, in a charming cottage near Painswick (Well Farm). That was when we fell in love with the Cotswolds. (After this we went to Italy for a month.)
  • September 2004 - One week in an apartment in Bath and then one month in Winchcombe, in a dreadful cottage that was part of the Sudley Castle estate. But the trip was fantastic. Weather was sunny for the first half and then rainy. (On this trip we also spent two weeks in Provence, France.)
  • May 2005 - We spent a month traveling around the southwest: one week in Salisbury, one week in Somerset, one week in Minchinhampton, one week in Devon. Great weather and great locations.
  • May 2006 - A few sunny days in Bath, then one week in Wiltshire followed by two and a half weeks in Windrush (near Burford) during a very rainy May. We experienced mud on a level we did not know was possible.
  • Summer 2007 - We were booked to spend three weeks back at Well Farm in Painswick, after spending a month in Switzerland, but the flooding in the Cotswolds happened just before we were scheduled to fly there, so we cancelled and stayed in Switzerland.
  • January - February 2008 - A few days in Bath, then two months in a lovely cottage on the outskirts of Nailsworth in the winter (found on HolidayLettings.co.uk). Days were very short, but it was a sunny and mild winter.
  • Summer 2009 - A few days in Windsor on arrival, a week in Paris, then two and a half weeks in Fulbrook (near Burford) followed by two weeks in Naunton (near Stow). Three weeks in Switzerland and back to the Cotswolds for a week in Broadway at the lovely Broadway Manor Cottages. We had sunny and hot days for all of June in the Cotswolds.
  • Summer 2010 - Back to Nailsworth in the same cottage from two years ago, this time for an extended stay - a year in England. We brought the cat!
  • Summer 2011 - Still in the Cotswolds but in a different village. Cat loves it here.
  • Summer 2012 - Enjoying our time in England!
  • Summer 2013 - Still here and on the walking trails more than ever! Moved to a different house in the same village.

We keep this site updated and add new information as we continue to travel to this area.

This website is about the Cotswolds, but that does not mean that this area is better than other areas in England. We enjoy traveling throughout the Southwest, love the Lakes district, would like to return to East Anglia someday soon, but something about the Cotswolds has grabbed us and this is the place we like to return to.

References for Cotswolder

I used the following books, plus my own experiences traveling in the Cotswolds, to create the Towns & Villages pages:

  • Buildings of the Cotswolds, Building Heritage Series, by Denis Moriarty, 2000.
  • The Complete Cotswolds, Jarrold, White Horse Guides, by Peter, Helen & David Titchmarsh, 1999.
  • Discovering Prehistoric England, Shire Publications, edited by James Dyer, 1993.
  • A Guide to Medieval Sites in Britain, Paladin, Nigel and Mary Kerr, 1988.

Cotswolder Photos

Photos on the website by Pauline Kenny. Some of the town photos by Kazz Hollick, a photographer based in Stroud, in the Cotswolds.

Cotswolder Logo

The Cotswolder logo was designed in July 2008 by Ginés Valera (email info@mediacomm.es). The logo for Cotswolder is a spiral of bluebells. My favorite time of year in the Cotswolds is the spring when the woods are filled with bluebells and Ramsons (also called Garlic Flowers). I sent Ginés some of my spring flower photos and this is what he came up with for our logo. I love the spiral and the gentle colors and being reminded of spring in the Cotswolds.

Our Websites

Slow Europe, guide to vacation rentals in Europe.

Slow Travels, Pauline's blog about living in England.

Thank you for visiting Cotswolder!

Steve and Pauline - Cotswold Way 2013

Steve and Pauline finish the Cotswold Way - 2013

Steve, Pauline, Valerie, Bryan - Source of Thames 2008

Jonathan, Pauline, Philippa, Steve - Stroud 2009

Steve, Pauline, Valerie, Bryan - Source of Thames 2008

Steve, Pauline, Valerie, Bryan - Thames 2008

Jonathan, Philippa, Pauline - Stroud 2008

Jonathan, Philippa, Pauline - Stroud 2008

Steve, Richard, Wendy - Kiftsgate 2006

Steve, Richard, Wendy - Kiftsgate 2006

Pauline - Grand Union Canal 2006

Pauline - Grand Union Canal 2006

Steve - Sapperton 2005

Steve - Sapperton 2005

Pauline and Steve - Avebury 2004

Pauline and Steve - Avebury 2004

Pauline and Steve - Chedworth 2000

Pauline and Steve - Chedworth 2000